disgusting mold on wall

Three Things to Learn Before Remediating Mold Problems

Mold is naturally everywhere. Its spores are airborne, and once they find an ideal environment to grow, they will thrive. Unfortunately, mold sometimes grows in places where we don’t want it to be, like on the walls, bathroom floors, and ceilings. Not only does the mold look gross for their slimy and blackish appearance, but it can be a potential allergen to the inhabitants in the building as well. When mold grows on the bathroom floors, it can also make the surface slippery, which can be dangerous for older adults. And if you are a landlord, you can’t put a modest price on a building infested with mold. Long story short, mold is not supposed to be in our properties. 

Here, you’ll learn what options you have to remediate your mold problems. Let’s get started!

Learn How Severe Your Mold Problem Is

Before you are discouraged from reading this further because you think it’s going to be an overly-technical discussion, I should assure you that this step is easier than it looks! There are indeed many types of mold, but all you need to do is to grade your mold problem based on the severity levels. 

Mold does not appear as big blackish spots overnight. In its early stage, you may find it as mildew, looking like tiny semi-colored dots. If you’re at this stage, you don’t have to call a professional mold remediation service. Simply address the moisture problem and clean the mildew with mold removers. 

However, if the mold already spreads to several places, and it has grown into colonies, you will have no choice but to call a professional mold removal service, like this mold remediation Tampa, for instance. 

What to Prepare When Using Professional Mold Remediation

Even though you’re getting professional help, it does not mean you have nothing to do on your end. First, make sure that the area filled with mold contamination is clear from any furniture pieces. Second, if you have pets, put them on cages so that they won’t interfere with the removal process. Third, the whole remediation will involve hazardous chemicals. Even the technicians wear hazmat suits and gas masks during the job. Therefore, you may need to evacuate temporarily from the house for at least two days. 

Determine If the Remediation Is Successful

Don’t pay for something that doesn’t work! And in this type of service, you can know the results only after several weeks. Therefore, the first time you are about to hire the remediation service, you should examine if it includes warranties for their work. 

Moreover, write your own notes regarding the conditions of the mold problems. Take photos of the mold, record the diagnostics by your mold experts, and document whether there are further problems or not.