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Common Causes of Water Damage You Should Know

Many property owners experience cases of water damage. In fact, many commercial and residential buildings are not immune to this disaster. If you are a property owner, you know how disastrous the damage can be. Ideally, it will negatively affect your property financially and physically. There are different ways of preventing water damage. It is advisable to hire a reputable water removal Denver company. You need to start by identifying the possible causes of water damage in your property.

Damaged Sprinkler System

Most buildings have sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems for safety purposes. You should only activate your sprinkler system when there is a lot of heat generated by the fire. If the sprinkler system is broken and not repaired, it can cause water damage. Also, the system can be activated without excessive heat and may cause flooding.

Roof Leaks

As you know, the roofing is meant to protect occupants and all other things you have in the building from harsh elements such as rain and sun. However, if you have a leaky roof, it will not protect you and can even cause more damage. The roof becomes vulnerable to snow and rains, hence causing water damage.

Damaged HVAC System

water damageYou should note that the HVAC system plays a critical part in regulating the temperature of the buildings. Recent studies have shown that the HVAC system can boost the productivity of the occupants. Like other parts of the building, it can experience problems, such as leaking and clogging. If the HVAC system is not maintained properly and cleaned regularly, it can result in water damage.

Damaged Appliances and Equipment

Buildings have a range of appliances, such as AC, water heater, washing machines, and more. Some of these appliances are connected with pipes that can get damaged easily. If these appliances get damaged and go unnoticed, they can cause considerable water damage.

Broken Windows

A broken window can cause water damage. Moisture and rainwater can seep through. That is the case when windows are not maintained as required. Although this may not cause instant water damage, it can damage the drywall and result in mold growth.

Natural Disasters

Other than the damage to the building’s roof and foundation, water damage can also be caused by thunderstorms, heavy rain, and other natural disasters. For instance, clogged gutters can direct rainwater to the foundation.

Water damage can be a serious problem for residential and commercial properties. Although it is difficult to get rid of it, there is a need to know the common causes and reduce the risk.