green living

Easy ways to go green

We have always being encouraged to go green for the sake of the environment and the future generations. If we do not take the right measures of conserving the environment, the generations to come will not have anything to be proud of nature wise. But how are we going to live green? Read on for tips on how to live green.


precycleThe importance of recycling is clear and known to all of us. Precycling is the process where the buyer considers the size of packaging before making the purchase. This way, you will not buy packaged goods. For example, it does not make sense purchasing a small piece of cheese in a large container. The excess package will always end up in the dustbin. You can decide to buy cheese which comes in wrappers. This way your food stays fresh for long, and it is more convenient. You will have reduced the amount of waste to be recycled as well.

Carry your shopping bag

Plastic bag use is among the major things polluting the environment. The grocery bags are not degradable. You might have noticed these bags along the road and in the ocean as well. To reduce the use of plastics, always carry your canvas bags. This way, you will use it when needed. Plastic bags are not reusable; once it is torn, it should be thrown away. Reusable bags, on the other hand, can be used for different purposes.

Conserve water

Water is a gift. It is among the gifts of nature. You should, therefore, use water correctly. You need to conserve water and reduce its usage in your daily life. Below are some of the ways to reduce water usage, use the dishwasher only when necessary, do not fill the kitchen sink to wash a few pieces, turn off the faucet after rinsing and add a water saver on your shower. This way you will reduce the usage of water. Keep in mind that, some people run days without water. Conserve what you have.

Healthy eating

Consumption of vegetable and organic fruits builds a strong immune system. Stay away from bulky packaging and processed foods. Do not throw away leftover veggies, you could add them to your homemade soup.

Preserve energy

preserve energyIt should be a rule in every home to turn off light after leaving a room. If no one is in the room, why leave the lights on? Cutting off your thermostat is another great way to preserve energy. Did you know that an overheated home could result in asthma attacks? The use of energy-saving bulbs is another great way of saving on energy.