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Factors to Consider When Buying a Desk Lamp

If you have ever sat at your desk for hours with an overhead fluorescent light on, you may discover that your eyes become itchy and irritated. In other words, you can feel the strain on your eyes, and this might lead to a severe headache.Here are the buying tips you need to consider when choosing desk lamps.

What is the Purpose of the Desk Lamp?

The basic factor that you need to consider when choosing a desk lamp is identifying the need. It is crucial to understand that most of these tools have a more practical purpose. Its main goal is lighting, and if you need lighting when doing your tasks on your desk, this is the right tool you need to have. Also, it will be easy to determine the right type that will suit you by defining your needs. Therefore, make sure that you start this process by identifying your requirement.

Where Will You Install It?

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As mentioned above, one of the main reasons for purchasing these tools is to offer light in your work area. When using these tools, this means that you want to reduce eye strain. However, before you purchase it, you need to understand that your lamp’s position is a critical element that you need to consider. It is advisable to place the light about 15 to 30 inches away from your work, depending on your needs. Even if most types come with an adjustable arm, make sure that you find the desired height.

What Are the Features You Should Consider?

When you are buying a desk lamp, there are a few features you need to consider before you make your final purchasing decision. One of the critical components that you need to consider is lighting. You can choose one with accent lighting, ambient lighting, or task lighting, depending on your needs. D├ęcor and style are other features that you need to consider.

Which is the Appropriate Size?

Size is also another essential factor that you need to consider when buying a desk lamp. They come in different sizes, shapes, and types. When you consider the size, you should measure your workplace or your desk to know the right size that will suit you. However, consider going for a desk lamp with an appropriate size that fits your desk.