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How to Deal With a Blocked Drain

A clogged drain is a huge inconvenience that every homeowner may most likely experience at some point in time. It could be due to a build-up of hair, grease, plant, or dirt. It could also be because of an object that has been accidentally dropped into the drain. Or worse, a result of broken pipes. Regardless of the reason, a clogged drain is disgusting as it could become the breeding ground for bacteria. But the thing is, you can’t just leave it that way. You have to find a solution to the problem.

The best way to resolve the issue really is to hire plumbing services. If you are in Australia, Expert plumbers in Rockingham can help you ensure that the problem will be resolved without any delay to avoid more serious consequences.

Meanwhile, here are simple things that you can also try to do:

Pour a Pot of Boiling Water

In some instances, pouring hot water into the drain can help loosen up whatever is causing the blockage. This works great, especially when you are dealing with grease in your kitchen sink. However, before you do this, check the type of pipe that you have down there first. If you have ceramic or metal, then pouring a pot of boiling water is safe. But if you have PVC pipes, this technique won’t be safe as the heat can loosen the pipes’ joints.

Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners, also known as caustic drain cleaners, are quite effective in clearing clogs. You can find them in lots of stores. The chemicals can easily dissolve common blockages like grease, soap, food, etc. But you have to be extra careful when handling such substances because they are really strong. It is crucial that you protect your hands and face when trying to unclog your drain using chemicals.

You have to be aware, though, that chemical drain cleaners are not always recommended. Why? Since they are too strong, they can actually eat through the pipes and cause leaks. This would then result in a bigger problem.

Utilize a Plunger

It is always good to have a plunger in your household. This material can help you address a simple blockage. If you are dealing with a grease build-up or perhaps mineral deposits and other solids, a plunger may not be enough.

unclogging tool

Try a Plumber’s Snake

This tool comes with a rotating coil that works effectively in clearing a blockage. In fact, it works better than a plunger. The only downside is that a plumber’s snake can only reach a certain range. It could also cause damages to your pipes.

If none of the above-mentioned techniques work, your best option is to call a plumber. Doing so will assure you that the job will be done right and in a timely manner.