basement renovation

What to Include in Basement Renovation

Recent studies show that most homes have partial basements. Although unfinished basements provide the much-needed storage space, they do not add value to the home. On the other hand, a renovated basement provides adequate space to relax, entertain, play, cook, or even accomplish your goals. There is no reason you should avoid basement remodeling, and there are many reasons you should take the project.

basementThe major benefits of finishing the basement are to add value to the home and usable space. You can decide to include an extra bedroom for your family members or guests. Also, you can turn it into an entertaining space or playroom. Other things the basement can be used for include as additional storage space, laundry, home office, and fitness area. The good thing about basement renovation is that it has excellent ROI when you decide to sell your property. Thus, you can get a lot of added value without spending a lot of money.


In this case, we are not referring to table or floor lamps only. In any underground place, there must be built-in lighting. It does not matter whether you incorporate natural light; you ought to consider adding some light fixtures. Although track lighting is effective, the ideal type for basements with lower ceilings is recessed lighting. Ensure you place recessed lights some feet away from the walls to avoid creating unnecessary corner shadows.


You should note that a windowless basement can feel drab and dark, even with the light fixtures. In this case, you should consider adding an egress window. Other than allowing a lot of light to get in, it is also needed by most city building codes. Some of the commonly used windows for basement renovations include awning windows, picture windows, sliding windows, and hopper windows. If money is not an issue, you can add double-pane windows as they are energy-efficient.


renovated basementIn most cases, unfinished basements have concrete floors. Although you can paint the concrete, the option feels cold and does not offer the highest level of safety. You should note that carpeting can be a comfortable and affordable option. You can also replace it at a low price. Stay away from installing hardwood flooring. Ideally, the cost of hardwood is not worth in this given space.


If you want to include a working kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, then you need to add plumbing. The process of adding plumbing fixtures and systems below-ground can be quite complex, depending on the position of sewage pipes. In some cases, you will need a sewage-ejector system or up-flushing system.