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Factors to Consider When Buying a Flea Collar

You might have noticed that your cat has become more irritable recently or its scratching a lot, the main reason for this could be fleas. Worst of all, fleas do not affect the cat only but also cause all sorts of evils in your home. They could go as far as biting you. Most people prefer washing their pets with special shampoos, which most pets do not like. There is an alternative this conventional approach, the flea collar.

How a pest collar works

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This collar uses insecticides to get rid of fleas on that it periodically releases small amounts into the cat’s body. These small amounts not only kill but also protect your cat from flea attack for some time. There are different types of flea collars in the market. As such, here are a few factors to consider when comparing different flea collar varieties.

Choosing a pest collar


The size f the collar is one of the most important consideration to make. Different cat species are of various sizes. It is therefore up to you to pick a flea collar that it of the right fitting to your car. A very large unit might bother your cat, while a smaller unit might make the pet feel like it is being strangled. Make sure you choose a collar of the right size.


There are different types of cat flea collars. Ideally, this classification is determined by the method or insecticide used to get rid of fleas. The insecticidal flea collar variety achieves this by using a collar that can kill all types of flea and ticks. The other variety is the biological collar that uses essential oils and herbs t get rid of fleas. Lastly, we have the ultrasonic variety, which uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of pests. The only downside with the ultrasonic variety is that they might be quite expensive compared to the other models.


cat with collar relaxingBesides the unique features offered by different pest collars, the price too might determine what you buy. Well, most buyers are tempted to go for cheap pet collars. However, lowly priced units are not always effective. Thus, it is prudent to create a decent budget and buy a unit with the right features.


At times, it is prudent to learn from the experiences of previous customers. By reading genuine reviews, you are at a better position of buying the right flea collars. If you are not sure of the reviews, you should consider going for a reputable brand.