Cleaning Tips

There are those neglected places in the house or dirty items which even the most dedicated cleaners will forget to clean. Some of us think that we are very clean, but remember, even if you are alone in the house, you share your items with germs and colonies. This article will open your eyes and see those areas or dirty items mostly neglected. Next time you are cleaning or your cleaner will be doing their job, remind them to check in the mentioned areas. Read on:

Home dirty items you always forget to clean

Kitchen handles

Such is comprised of the oven handle, fridge handle and anything else you will touch while in the kitchen. When preparing dishes with meat, chances are you will touch the fridge with dirty hands. You will check in the drawers as well. This results in the areas becoming a breeding place for germs and bacteria. The solution to this is just simple, before leaving the kitchen, scrub the handles with an antibacterial or with water and vinegar solution. Whatever works best for you?

Toothbrush holders

toothbrush holderMany people including myself forget this delicate item. It is critical to keep your teeth clean and the toothbrush holder cleaner. Let us be open here, a large number of people do not clean the holder weekly. Luckily, this can be done very quickly. You only need to remember to throw the toothbrush holder in the dishwasher once weekly. Dentists recommend that you boil your toothbrush for about three minutes weekly during the flu seasons.

Computer accessories

Many people are currently using the computer from home. The keyboard and the mouse are among the most used items in many houses today. Do you wash your hands after using your computer? Very few people do. Maybe you are not aware, but there are many computer accessory cleaners on the market. You only need to spray the cleaner and wipe it off with a clean cloth or a paper towel. This way all germs and bacteria will be dead.

Reusable shopping bags

shopping bagWe are constantly being reminded to conserve the environment. Previously used plastic bags are a great pollution to the environment. There came the introduction of reusable shopping bags. With time they get smelly, carrying different items being the leading cause. A bad odor is an indication of accumulating germs. Hand wash them or throw them in the washing machine, and they will come out just as new.