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KT Tunstall has unplugged her Hungerford studio from the National Grid and intends to use the power of the sun to record her next album. Solar installation specialist Joju Ltd has announced the go live of the array at the Berkshire home of rock sensation and eco-warrior KT Tunstall.

Joju Ltd’s training and use of workers from City and Hackney Mind, a local association of England’s foremost mental health charity, played a big part in Tunstall’s decision to appoint them to the project. Through its employment service, City and Hackney Mind is dedicated to helping their clients back into the workplace.

Jamie King from City and Hackney Mind said, ‘Working with employers like Joju who have a positive attitude to mental health is brilliant; our clients have benefited enormously and we are working together to break down stigma surrounding mental ill health and help people back to work.’

Speaking from her solar powered studio, Tunstall said, “Ethical entrepreneurialism is the positive future of being human! Any company that helps others whilst achieving honest success is worthy of great respect.”

The array, which shares its home with Tunstall’s vegetable patch, is the latest in a series of green initiatives that have been undertaken by the singer and continues her deep-rooted, serious, commitment to protecting the environment. It is expected that the panels will generate about 5,000 KWh of electricity a year, which is more than she will need. An average house uses about 3,500 kWh of electricity per year for lights and appliances. Any excess will be sold back to the National Grid. Tunstall is currently working on her highly anticipated next album and hopes to use the studio to record it.

“I have a passion for the planet and am at my happiest when I feel in harmony with it. The natural world is in crisis and we are in a position to alleviate it. If Britain goes solar, we can drastically reduce the negative impact of fossil fuel usage and save money on our electricity bills. It would be an amazing thing to witness in our lifetimes,” said Tunstall.

Tunstall is not the only one who is investing in solar at home. Solar installation specialist, Joju Ltd, who led the project, is experiencing a lot more interest in consumer arrays. They believe that this is because it is now more affordable and delivers a great way of protecting the environment without having to sacrifice the way people live.

Joseph Michaels, Founder, Joju Ltd, said, “We are experiencing an explosion of interest in panels for the home. With solar, people can not only reduce their impact on the environment but take control of the cost of their energy as well. There is no better time than now to get involved. A capital grant is currently available from the Government and next year we hope to see the creation of a new feed-in tariff that will make generating your own renewable electricity and selling energy back to the Grid very attractive indeed.”

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