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Recently in Tokyo, Kromek, a UK based platform technology company, launched Food Inspector™, a user-friendly radiation detector specifically made for the food industry that checks that food is safe for consumption.

The Kromek Food Inspector™ is a unique high-performance monitor for detecting the presence of radioactive contaminants in solid foods and liquids that is quick, reliable and precise.

It uses Kromek’s advanced UltraShield™ detector technology to distinguish between man-made hazardous radiation sources in the environment (such as those from the Fukushima disaster) and typical background radiation.

Food Inspector™ is being launched as a ‘best in breed’ device that differs from competitor products through its ability to shield the food being tested from typical background radiation meaning that it provides more accurate and faster readings for both supplier and retail outlets.

Using touch screen technology, it also offers the first highly user-friendly software interface making it intuitive to use with little training required. In comparison, due to their complexity, existing competitor products currently in the market tend to be used predominantly by scientists in laboratories.

Sample measurement takes less than five minutes. When the measurement is complete, a simple display of the measured levels of radiation in the food is displayed on-screen.

Arnab Basu, Kromek’s chief executive officer said: We have designed the Food Inspector™ to assist the food retail chain in their efforts to demonstrate the safety of food with a fast, accurate and highly cost-effective system. The system is very easy to use, requires minimal training and will stimulate confidence in both suppliers and customers in the food retail chain and ensure regulatory requirements are fully met”.

Expected customers of the Food Inspector™ are:

-Food producers and processors: Confirm safety of food itself;
-Food suppliers: Verifying contamination free food;
-Wholesalers and distributors: Guaranteeing safe food for retailers (including supermarkets);
-Export/Import Agents - for quality inspection; and
-Test laboratories – for food safety inspections, food research and agricultural monitoring.

Product information:

-Rapid measurement of up to one litre of solids or liquids;
-Industry-leading minimum detectable levels of activity.;
-Easy to use large touch screen, user-friendly interface and software with clear indication of results;
-Local language options available; and
-Simple and quick to locate and setup.

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