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Set to Shine Again is the Solar PV

The commotion that has surrounded the government funded feed-in-tariffs (FITs) since they launched in April 2011, has caused many homeowners to be aware. This fuss would have undoubtedly put most consumers confidence at a low, however in an announcement made yesterday by the Department of Climate Change (DECC), stability for solar is on the horizon. We can now reveal that the subsidy is set to receive a beam of security which will at least last f... [more]

Trade Skills 4U launches new website selling Solar PV Tools

Earlier this year, Trade Skills 4U launched their Renewable energy training centre, complete with purpose built facilities built to cater for the demand for renewable energy installers. The centre houses the UKs first and only single storey training roof that enables candidates to install solar PV at height and with all the necessary kit they would require on a real installation such as pulleys, ginn wheels etc. Trade Skills 4U have now launc... [more]

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